Shadow of the Force

An Alternate Vision for Star Wars Episode VIII


The Shadow of the Force is an unauthorized, fan-fiction screenplay I wrote in reaction to Star Wars: The Last Jedi. It was written as a form of philosophical and narrative therapy, as a way for me to cope with the direction of the Star Wars story. It is meant solely as derivative and transformational speculative fiction, a philosophical exercise in narrative creation. I offer the PDF of the screenplay below simply as a means of enjoyment for anyone who wants to download it, read it, and share it -  and as a way to join me in philosophical and narrative supposition, imagining a different story for Episode VIII.  Check back later for more works.


A Television Series Proposal based on LOST

LOST was one of my favorite television shows - for many reasons, especially its philosophy. So, I created OCEANIC SIX as a possible new series that continues the narrative (by borrowing some strands of LOST's DNA) and creating a unique and different narrative that focuses on the children from LOST. 

More simply, LOST asked "Where are we?" OCEANIC SIX asks "What happened to the children?"

The PDF below outlines what's called a Show Bible, with arcs for the first six episodes. Check back later for full scripts (and if you're able to get a hold of J.J. Abrams, please send him the link).

PDF Downloads

Feel free to download the PDFs of the screenplays described above. 

You may read them, share them, analyze them, and speculate about them - but you may not sell them.